What is said about Jessica ...






 She was extremely prepared and professional in her behavior. She functioned as a stage manager which is one of the most difficult and thankless jobs.  Without her help the production would not have been as successful as it was.  I also worked with her on a number of other productions and found her just as proficient and professional as anyone could want.   -James Avery 










At all times Jessica performed her job with skill, professionalism and with an open heart and mind. She remained focused and committed to my vision and goals. Jessica offered an opinion only when called upon. She treated the cast and me with the utmost respect and compassion one could hope for.


I highly recommend Jessica Evans. Her optimism, intelligence, maturity, professionalism and desire to achieve make her a highly skilled and talented stage manager.  Jessica has a stunningly bright future. - LisaGay Hamilton

Jessica Evans is a young professional in every sense of the word. She possesses a prodigious work ethic and a gift for collaboration. She is a joy to work with and extends herself beyond the norm by anticipating needs and preventing issues before they become problems.